Women's Ministry


The women’s ministry is a fellowship where women can learn from one another and grow in the knowledge and application of God’s word. It is designed to touch, empower, and strengthen every Cornerstone Assembly woman. In the present and current society we live in, women are facing various challenges which may be different from our mother’s e.g.
  • Some of us are career women yet still have to fulfil all duties i.e. domestic, taking care of children etc.
  • Some are single parents
  • Our families demand their share from us, work/ industry demands its share from us
  • The Lord Jesus Christ also expects us to spend time with Him
  • We also need ‘Me time’

The challenge is to balance all these i n this demanding and expecting society. Furthermore we have the responsibility of setting an
example and grooming the young generation. The question then becomes ‘Can we have the Martha’s, Mary’s, Hannah’s, and Ester’s,
Ruth’s etc women of FAITH who knew God, who laboured for the Lord, who stood for and by Him without compromise? Obedience to
God always costs but is worth it.

“I am the Lord’s servant. Whatever it costs, wherever it takes me, I will do it.”


The vision of the women’s ministry is to build women of character, God fearing, God loving women of faith. To reach out and impact the lives of women in the congregation (young and old) and the community at large. To nurture and support women in their Christian lives as disciples and those who represent Jesus Christ.

Luke 1:38 ‘Let it be to me according to your word’, MARY WAS WILLING TO PAY A HIGH PRICE IN ORDER TO SUBMIT TO THE


  • Teaching, mentoring, couching younger women, encouraging their involvement in the church, (Titus 3-5).
  • Strengthening relationship between women i.e. mother to daughter, women to woman (Ruth & Naomi).
  • Addressing relevant topics pertaining to women
  • Attending to the housekeeping needs of the church as well as beautifying the church.
  • Organizing and facilitating church functions e.g. year end functions, bridal/baby showers etc.
  • Fellowship (home visits, braais, camp) Acts 2:42; Heb 10:24-25