Introduction:- Moses proceeds on his journey to Egypt and is met in the Wilderness by his brother Aaron, who will initially fulfil his calling to accompany Moses and be his spokesman. Ex.4:10-17. Together they travel down to Egypt.

Exodus.4:27-31. Principles that are to be seen in the early New Testament church.

a. Moses and Aaron meet one another at the Mountain of God, they are brothers in faith and family. Fellowship with those of the same mind and faith are essential to accomplish the Lord’s will.

b. Their ministry began at God’s Mountain (Sinai) in the Lord’s presence. Picture of the Church the birthplace of all effective ministry.

c. 2.Corinthians.13:1b. “By the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established” Dt.19:15. N.T Acts.13:2-3, Barnabus and Saul(Paul), Acts.15:39-41, Paul and Silas.
Proverbs.17:17. (The Message Bible) “Friends love through all kinds of weather, and families stick together in all kinds of trouble”.

d. Moses shares his revelation of God’s words and signs with Aaron.

e. Together Moses and Aaron call for the Elders of Israel, Aaron’s presence with Moses establishes his acceptability and credibility and to Israel’s leaders and that Moses had been transformed during his 40 year absence from a prince to a humble shepherd.

f. The Elders convinced that God is answering their prayers, Ex.2:23-25 call the people together to hear and see the confirming signs

g. Aaron speaks for Moses to the people repeating the words the Lord had spoken; then Moses demonstrated the three signs he had received. Rod that became a snake which he took up to become a rod again, the sign of leprosy and cleansing, plus turning Nile water into blood.

g. The people respond believing that God had visited them and was about to bring deliverance through Moses and Aaron. Romans.10:17. They bowed their heads and Worshiped the Lord.


In the church age, we find there have been and are many self appointed prophets or apostles, Jesus warned his disciples clearly indicated that this would become a common phenomena, Matthew.7:15-23, “you will know them (recognise) by their fruits”, Matt.24:11-13. The Apostle Paul also gave several warnings to the churches, Acts.20:17-32, v.28-31, 2.Corinthians.11:12-15. The Apostle Peter, 2.Peter.2:1-22, v.17.

Moses called and commissioned by God. Ex.3-4.
Moses and Aaron, have a common witness of the Spirit of their faith when they meet and fellowship.
Moses first establishes his credibility calling and ministry with the Elders of Israel together with Aaron.
Moses then with Aaron also establishes his ministry with the Israelite nation.
Moses experiences a progressive sequence prior to his recognition and acceptance.

A similar pattern should take place before anyone is ordained into ministry, there are too many self appointed men or women who claim the mantle of a prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher or an apostle, without experiencing the call of God and recognition, identification and recommendation by the leadership of a local church.

Ephesians.4:11. Clearly teaches that Jesus Christ, the head of his church Matthew.16:16-19, alone has right and the authority to give and appoint the “Gift Ministries” No man or woman can presume to have or appoint themselves into a gift ministry of the


Person must have the “call of God” upon their life.
Must be regular committed member of and in fellowship with a local church.
Have a humble and submissive spirit to the church leadership.
Have an established testimony, showing the signs of a gift ministry with a potential leadership ability.
Established credibility and approval of the local leadership.
Enjoy the general approval and acceptance of the congregation.
Realise the tremendous responsibility and accountability is required by the Lord Jesus of those who are called to a “gift ministry” James.3:1.
Above all no one can give themselves to ministry in the Body of Christ, only Jesus Christ has the authority to select and appoint the “gift ministries”.
The local church is the true birthplace of any anointed gift ministry.

Pastor Terry Brinded

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