THE PASTORS DESK – October 2015 Intro

Introduction:- Ecclesiates.3:1-8 & 15. This short passage of scripture taken from the N.I.V, has the heading “A TIME FOR EVERYTHING” in reality this literally means that nothing ever remains the same, things around us and our lives are constantly changing and very few people actually experience totally similar lives. In fact life is a constant challenge particularly the period of time in which we live. The Apostle Paul pulls no punches when he in 2.Timothy.3:1-9, briefly describes the godlessness that will be common during the last days. Preferably I personally prefer the N.K.J. version which says “But know this that in the last days perilous times will come” perilous literally = times of stress! As we look around us and at the various news broadcasts we can either see on the TV, hear on the Radio, are see with our own eyes, these things Paul refers to are actually taking place at this present time in various parts of the world including our own beloved South Africa.

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