The Pastors Desk – December 2015 | January 2016 – Intro


We usually combine these two months during the time of what is commonly called “The Festive Season” We place these months two months together primarily due to the fact that so many of our members will be taking their annual vacation time during this period, university and college students will also be taking time to visit their families plus a enjoying well earned break from their studies.

Generally 2015 has been a good year for the church as we have our vision statement “MOVING FORWARD” actually taking place throughout the year. In any church change is inevitable nothing ever remains the same, the Lord does not stand still and the Holy Spirit often takes us along new paths of development and direction we had never considered possible. Paul the Apostle said, 2.Corinthians.5:7. “We walk by faith not by sight” Understanding these words is easy once a person or group of people understand that if you can “see” what will eventually happen it is not faith. Faith trusts the Lord in all circumstances, and without faith we cannot please the Lord. Hebrews.11:6.

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