Re-gaining a lost child

School Projects Ministry is one of our new endeavour to reach out to the community of Port Elizabeth. The Holy Spirit has convicted us
to in a sense to ” SCRATCH WHERE IT ITCHES “. There us a great need in our schools, black schools located in our Townships in
particular and this is what Schools Project Ministry aims to do :
Vision of the School project: Re-gaining a lost childAm I my brother’s keeper?”

Objective of the ministry

  1. Ministry and Prayer
  2. Education
  3. Child headed homes
  4. Motivation
  5. Emotional Counselling

We have by the grace of God partnered, as our first step, with one of the very special school in the history of Port Elizabeth Zwide Township :

Name of School: Loyiso Senior Secondary School
Location: Zwide
Principal: Mrs Hopa

The relationship with the school is still very young but we aim, even as we trust God to make a difference for the better with our