July 10, 2014


Introduction:- An overall look at the general state of marriage amongst Christians in todays world.

Even during the relatively short space of my lifetime, there has been an ever increasing tendency among men and women to neglect the true meaning of marriage as God planned and as it is intended it to be. Moral standards have declined where often the “norm” has become to live together as “partners” outside of marriage as the Lord intended. God’s unchanging word requires that a man and woman should be joined in one marriage union living together in the state of the true meaning of marriage for life until separated by death. Anything outside of God’s original designand only purpose for marriage is contary to His word. True marriage in God’s eyes is between one man and one woman a union outside of the parameters of God’s word is counterfeit and unholy and will be judged by God on the basis of His Word. When anyone deviates away from God’s word, Ecclesiates.10:8, informs us that “He (mankind) who digs a pit will fall into it” snared or lured into a trap that will lead to spiritual death by their own actions, “And whoever breaks through a wall (the protection of God’s word) will be bitten by a serpent”(the devil).

There is also a general misconception which is, unfortunately and frequently miss-quoted also sometimes by well intentioned ministers from the pulpit that the average divorce rate amongst committed Christians is 50% or simply one in every two marriages. Placing divorce amongst Christians or church goes on a par with the general divorce rate in society. Actual statistics reveal that the approximately 50% figure of Christian marriages breaking up is due to an error of understanding what the true picture is amongst the “Christian church going population”. The figure of 50% is based upon gathering all the numbers together and classing actual truly committed believers with those “Christians” who either   claim to be believers through association with their church or denomination who have never been actually “born again John.3:3-8”, or become committed disciples of Christ. This method of calculating the divorce among Christians is totally misleading when the figure for divorce amongst those Christians who are “born again, water baptised and spirit filled” is between 10-15%. There is no doubt this is far too high and should be practically non-existent when and if believers continue to remain within the limits of God’s Word. James.1:2-18, indicates that every believer will “face trials of their faith” v.2-12, “be tempted by the enemy through their own desires”” v.13-15, “don’t be deceived” v.16, “Every good gift came from God the Father” v17. (this gift includes your wife or husband) and “He chose to give us birth(born again) through the word of truth” and that we should be a testimony of what the Lord has done.v.18.

Summing up it is clear we presently live in a world of declining standards of moral behaviour contrary to God’s word and that there is a completely incorrect interpretation of the actual situation concerning divorce within the church. This incorrect understanding of the actual statistics “christian divorce” gives the ground for the devil to repeatedly use in his attempts to belittle or destroy the image and impact of the church, and the sanctified covenant of marriage. As previously stated that even 10-15% amongst committed Christian is far too high unless adultery is involved.

Part.1. Genesis.2:20-25.


The plan and purpose of God regarding marriage has not and will not change. From the initial institution of marriage in Genesis.2, through to the final consummation of the marriage between Christ and the church in Revelation.19. has not been altered, Malachi.3:6 “I the Lord do not change”, His standards for marriage remain the same. From the beginning after the Creation of Adam, God’s plan was to also create a woman who would be a necessary partner of Adam to complete God’s purposes. If we look carefully into Genesis.2:20-25, it is very clear that Eve was the last and only being to be created by God from Adams’s rib. From one man there became two persons namely, Adam, the man who God had created from the dust of the Earth, and secondly, Eve who was created from Adam. Through marriage God brought these two different yet complimentary persons together in marriage to become one. In so doing we see the formation and foundation of the first family unit. Marriage between a man and a woman where the two became one. Marriage was instituted by God and He intended it to last until death separated what He had instituted. Marriage was not invented by man! It was and still is part of God’s plan and purpose to bring glory to Himself. There is no place in the scriptures anywhere in either the O.T or N.T, where marriage is condoned between two people of the same sex. In the eyes of God such practices are regarded as totally abhorrent. Those who practise or allow same sex-marriage under man-made laws will be judged according to the Word of God. Human law makers may pass laws that allow such practises. As same sex unions they cannot possibly be called marriages as instituted by God as they are contrary to His plan and purpose for human marriage.

Clearly we need to understand that “same sex unions” cannot be accepted as marriage in accordance with God’s word anad that these ungodly unions are on the increase as mankind continues to place themselves and their demonically inspired man-made laws above God’s word. This is an increasing attack upon God’s institution of marriage and the church. Without any doubt it can be traced back to Genesis.3. The fall of Adam and Eve into sin. Eve is deceived by the serpent into partaking of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Adam who was standing with Eve Genesis.3:6, made no attempt to intervene and prevent Eve from being deceived by the serpent falls into the same trap when he also eats of the same fruit from the tree of good and evil. God had instructed Adam not to do this and clearly warning him of the consequence of disobedience, Genesis.2:15-17. Here we see that both Adam and Eve, the first family God had created when tempted to disobey God and His word chose to do the very thing God had forbidden them to do.. God has not changed or compromised His word. Mankind will continually seek a way or ways to get around God’s word. In reality this is an exercise in futility, note Psalm.119:89 “Forever, O Lord, your word is settled in heaven” However the same pattern of rejecting God’s word has continued primarily due to that all are born into this world with the Adamic nature. Deviation from the Word of God inevitably has its consequences and its reward. Galations.6:7-8.



v.19-20 It is obvious from reading these two verses that God had created very intelligent manin Adam. Fully equipped to name all the variety of creatures that God had also created out of the earth. However it is clear that Adam needed a companion of his own kind or species. Not only to be an helpmeet, she would, with Adam, be able to conceive and produce children of their own kind.

v.21-22. Consequently God puts Adam into a deep sleep, took one of his ribs then created the first woman called Eve to become Adam’s life partner. Having created Eve it is God who brings her to Adam. She was designed by God to be both a companion and helper to Adam.

Gen.1:26-28. To enable us to follow and understand more fully the high esteem God placed upon marriage and His expectations from the union between Adam and Eve. It requires careful examination of Gen.1:28.

v.28. Then God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves upon the earth”


  1. God blessed them – Male and Female. Clearly God cannot bless a same sex union which is contrary to His word!!!!!!!
  2. Be fruitful and multiply – This reveals that Adam and Eve were created as adults ready to conceive and multiply or produce children immediately.
  3. Have dominion over every living thing upon the earth – When God said these words there were no other human beings upon the earth. Consequently the aspect of dominion God refers to does not include    any human being. This I believe is misinterpreted by some ministers and elders who wish to control the people of their church. 1.Peter.5:1-4, v.3 “Not Lording it over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock.

N.B. Prophetically this points forward to Christ the Second Adam .1.Corinthians.15:45-49, from whose obedient sacrificial work on the Cross, builds His church, the body and future bride. Matthew.16:18. Whereas Adam and Eve following their dismissal from the Garden of Eden due to their sinful disobedience to the Lords command of Genesis.2:15-17, began to reproduce themselves in the form of children with the same fallen sin nature as themselves to populate the Earth. In the similar manner the church through evangelism is to told reproduce itself Matthew.28:18-20, increasing the population of the church with truly born again disciples.

v.23-24a. Adam upon receiving Eve to be his wife immediately declares, that she is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh—–!. Immediately Adam fully understood the great principle that in and through God two of the opposite sex, male and female in marriage are UNITED AS ONE.

  1. “Therefore NKJ”, “For this reason NIV.” A very important conclusion is presented by the Lord. “A man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife (united as one) and they shall become one flesh (literally to cling to)”. One unit, complementing each other, both sexually and in character.
  2. Note:- To marry is effectively a RADICAL TRANSITION OF STATUS, to the end that God’s Blessings upon the marriage may be fulfilled. (This principle will be explained and illustrated more fully a little later on)

v.25. Indicates that they were both naked and felt no shame! This is far more meaningful than most understand. Firstly the meaning of “naked” does not necessarily refer to clothing, but more to the spiritual aspect, they hid nothing from one another, absolute complete openness and honesty in their relationship, consequently they had no feelings of shame, no sin or deceit to hide from each other.

n.b. It is only after they had been tempted by the serpent the devil in Genesis.3. that they cover themselves with Fig leaves and try to hide from God. This is the same principle that applies to any modern marriage when either or both partners fall into sin, they will try and cover themselves with Lies( Fig leaves) and hide themselves from Gods word.

Sanctity = Holiness of life and character: Godliness: Holy or binding force. A place or relationship of blessing!

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