The Genesis week Part 1

February 3, 2016

The Genesis week Part 1

Introduction:- Psalm.51:10.  The Message Bible.

God, make fresh start in me, shape a Genesis week from the chaos of my life”

David turns to the God of Creation, Gen.1:1-2. The Genesis week starts. He needs something extra special to restore his relationship with God – A GENESIS WEEK!

n.b. If we miss the start of movie/show, disappointing and hard follow the story, same with God’s word, miss Genesis and it’s hard to understand rest of the Bible.

God’s work of restoration – done in controlled and orderly fashion!

Gen.1:1-2. Gap theory!

    1. Heb, Bara = to make/bring something out of nothing!
    2. v.2.   Holy Spirit waiting for God’s word to move upon the chaos.

2.  Gen.1:3-5.     a. Romans.10:17. First the Sound of God’s voice, action follows.

    1. 1.Kings.19:12. Elijah – Cave – Spiritually dark – v.12. The Sound of God’s voice.    “Go return” – Out of darkness back into light – Ministry.
    2. God frequently speaks to our conscience – Stop hiding problem in darkness of mind “Go return” – Repent – time to get right with the Lord.

John.10:8-12. Light of the world! Without light. There can be no life!

3.  Psalm.119:130. Psalm.119:105. Read in the Message for clarity if necessary.

4.  Acts.9:1-19. Paul sets out to Damascus, man in chaotic state of mind, later refers to
fact that  God had His hand upon him since birth – Galation.1:15-17.
                  A.D. 37.   Never forgot his experience on the Damascus Road.

i. v.3-7. Saw light flashing around him. Heard voice speaking to him

Men heard sound (no voice) did not see anyone.

ii. Acts.22:6-9. Saw light, heard voice. Men saw light, did not understand voice speaking to him. A.D.58

iii. Acts.26:12-14. Midday – Paul sees the light, everyone falls down, and only Paul hears the voice of Christ speaking to him. A.D.58-60

5.   John.9:1-34, v.32. Blind man – Pool of Siloam. Eyes Created

i. Jesus v.7 Man hears the SOUND OF VOICE, goes returns SEEING – LIGHT!

6.   I.John.1:1-4. Fellowship at the very highest level.

  1. Fellowship came from walking with Jesus – Relationship.
  2. Hebrews.10:25. We need fellowship we are to be victorious!
  3. 1. John.1:5-10.
    1. Walk in the light – conditions of fellowship.
    2. Never deceive ourselves
    3. Confession of sins.

This clearly reveals –The sanctifying blood of Christ upon our sins is conditional.

7.  1.Peter.2:9-12. Day of visitation, personal or the Second Coming of Christ!

    1. This could be our personal DAY OF VISITATION, time God is saying to us


Conclusion. James.1:17 -19.


  1. Good gift = Emphasis upon the giving  -The act of giving gk  Dosis.
  2. Perfect gift = The gift itself. A free gift gk.Dorema

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