“Sealed – Filled and Full of the Holy Spirit”

February 1, 2016

“Sealed – Filled and Full of the Holy Spirit”


From Shadow to Substance

Generally when examining the church in general, we can ask very serious questions? Where, when do we see or experience the genuine presence and power of the Holy Spirit? Where is the anointing of the Holy Spirit today? Many Pentecostal churches have become little different to any of the traditional denominations, lacking so much of what the Holy Spirit can and wishes do in the church. Is it that we need to move aside and give Him the opportunity to take control and minister as He desires? Is our present preoccupation with, programmes, systems, and reliance upon modern day technology an attempt to replace the Holy Spirit? Could it be that many churches are trying to be so very “seeker friendly or people pleasers” that we miss what the Holy Spirit is striving to do in the churches?

John Bond, the former Chairman and leader of the Assemblies of God in South Africa for many years, made this statement in one of the AOG conventions. “We are in danger of losing our Pentecostal distinctive, and becoming just another mainline church denomination” This was a prophetic warning, not only to the AOG, but also to all other Pentecostal movements. Unfortunately this warning has been mainly ignored by many church leaders.

Over recent years it has become increasingly obvious that in many churches there is little or no moving of the Holy Spirit in power. Possibly there are numerous explanations that can be given, from replacing the genuine moving of the Spirit, by substituting what is nothing more than a shadow of reality rather than what is substantial and based upon the scriptures. Providing alternative humanely inspired methods, which frequently amount to nothing more than what could be called a stage show. The priests of Baal when called to Mount Carmel spent almost a day putting on a show which produced no response whatsoever.1.Kings.18:22-29 The Lord had challenged them through His true Prophet Elijah to prove whether or not their god was genuine. Hour after hour they tried to get a response from Baal without success. Leaping about with feverish activity and energy, cutting their flesh shedding their own blood in a false expectation somehow Baal would answer them.

Compare what took place when Elijah rebuilt the Altar of God in the correct manner and with due reverence prepared the sacrifice, saturating it, together with the wood, stones of the altar and the surrounding trench with a large amounts of water. It is God Himself who then answers after prayer with heavenly devouring fire of a Divine visitation consuming all that had been correctly presented to Him, by this response the Lord revealed His acceptance of a real sacrificial offering, Romans.12:1-2. Fleshly activity cannot replace true spiritual worship. Nor can it bring about the genuine recognition and moving of the Holy Spirit.

I have spoken to a number of ministers from different denominations and other countries, and read books written by equally concerned pastors, it is obvious that in most services a real moving of the Holy Spirit has been replaced by humanistic worldly methods. Surely it is time for the church to wake up to the fact that man’s plans, methods, holding so-called seeker friendly services, flashing lights, smoke(vapour) etc, can never take the place of The Holy Spirit, surely it is time to move from SHADOW TO REAL SUBSTANCE!

Is there a real lesson to be learnt from Matthew.14:22-33? The Disciples see Jesus moving in the realm of the supernatural, walking upon the sea. Peter wants to do the same, asks and is given permission by Jesus, he steps out in faith leaving his natural element the security of the ship to walk towards Jesus on the sea, although he fails when he takes his eyes off Jesus, he is saved by Jesus, and walks on the water back to the boat. This is an object lesson to the church, Jesus has shown that it is possible for true believers to leave their comfort zone and move from the natural into the supernatural. The priority is to hear the Lord’s voice, speaking through the Holy Spirit and to trust and respond obediently without question or looking around to see who may be watching, wondering if we will encounter critics of our actions. Peter started well, and I am sure that some of those present may have attempted to discouraged him, to be cautious, don’t take an unessaery risk! Rather he chose to obey Jesus taking Him at HIS word. Ignoring anything negative, he started well by faith in the command of Jesus and found he could also walk in the realm of the supernatural as he positively responded to His word. Sadly a short time later having looked at the circumstances surrounding him, he lost his sight of Jesus and began to sink. Are we any different, so preoccupied with controlling the meeting, or concerning ourselves with what others will think or wondering if we have really heard the Holy Spirits voice, we do nothing and consequently we may well spiritually sink and what the Lord really wanted to do sinks with us! In so doing we can easily quench the Holy Spirit. 1.Thessalonians.5:19-20. Our problem could be that we are afraid to trust Jesus and the Holy Spirit and to take our opportunities when the time is right. We tend to cling to man-made concepts and comfort zones. The question is, are we prepared to let go and let God have His way? Or are we afraid of the storm that may arise within the church body if we let go and let God have His way?



 In Book of Revelation chapters 2-3, Jesus individually addresses each of the seven named churches. The Head of the church reveals He is fully aware of their spiritual state and commitment. Several things He says are common to each church. First “I know your deeds” or what is happening in this church!  Second “He, who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches” Third “He who overcomes” (any opposition encountered by faith).

Notice the sequence above, Jesus reveals their spiritual state; He then shows them the answer “Listen carefully to what the Holy Spirit is saying to you” for it is the work of the Spirit will enable the church and individuals to be victorious witnesses.

Using the church at Ephesus as an example, it was formed in Acts.19:1-20, through the ministry of Paul and the Holy Spirit A.D.54-57, Paul writes a letter to them A.D.61-62, explaining the blessings of belonging to Christ. By A.D.95, only 33 years later, they are being challenged and warned they have lost their “First Love” What has happened? Have they quickly reverted to legalism or to using methods or plans that had worked on previous occasions? Effectively they have become self reliant, neglecting the ministry of the Holy Spirit, no longer listening to His voice who would have taught them to move forward as He would lead them, and at the same time making sure that their love of Christ did not become cold or waver. The problem at Ephesus they had lost “THEIR PASSION FOR JESUS AND THE MINISTRY OF REVELATION, AND THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT” Jesus literally says to them in this letter, “I cannot find fault with you in other ministry areas, however you have lost the MAIN THING, and that ONE THING IS OF MAJOR CONCERN TO ME”! “YOU HAVE LOST YOUR FIRST LOVE

Similarly a church today can lose sight of the ministry of the Holy Spirit, replacing His voice and ministry, with programmes, methods etc, borrowed from other sources. Today what is interpreted as the “Fire of the Holy Spirit” is frequently little more than “false fire” of emotion and human effort to give the appearance of the power of the Holy Spirit in action. Stage “smoke and flashing strobe lighting” are little more than trying to re-capture the scene on Mt Sinai as Moses received the Law Ex.19:16-20, Hebrews.12:18-21, which can never be a substitute for the Shekinah Cloud of Glory.

Never accept substitution for reality! In certain situations or circumstances some people are already preconditioned or primed to fall over; in a so-called experience of being “slain in the spirit” In some places this has become the expected thing to do! Nor can it be denied that occasionally there will be genuine manifestations of the Holy Spirit, and some people will undergo a real life changing experience with the Lord. However! When someone falls under the real power of the Holy Spirit,  radical changes should be seen in their Christian life. Paul’s life was totally transformed through his experience on the road to Damascus. John’s experience on the Isle of Patmos Rev.1:12-18, when he falls in a dead faint before the risen Lord, is followed by writing the Book of Revelation, in which great difficulties and assurances to believers are mentioned as the world progresses towards the end times, before the final victory of Christ over Satan is accomplished.


In this series of studies regarding the Person and work of the Holy Spirit, it becomes very clear that there are three levels of experience and ministry of the Spirit that are available to every born again believer, to move progressively forward into knowing Him and His power that are available to us.

The first is being SEALED, by the Holy Spirit, which automatically takes place the moment someone truly accepts the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savour, and gain an entrance into the Kingdom of God.

Secondly there is the invitation and opportunity to be FILLED with the Holy Spirit, a progressive experience that every born-again Christian should desire and seek. Unfortunately there are many believers who have chosen or have been taught to proceed no further than their initial SEALING experience as described in 2.Corinthians.1:21-24,v.22 and Ephesians.1:13-14.

The third stage is to become FULL of the Holy Spirit, this I believe is conditional to the believers personal commitment and desire to move forward under the anointing of Holy Spirit’s leading as he or she continues to grow in the “grace and knowledge” of our Lord Jesus Christ. 2.Peter.3:18. An explanation concerning what is it means to be FULL will be given later.

  1. SEALED” In order to understand what this means, additional reference should be made to Romans.4:9-17. Which speaks of Abraham as having the “seal of righteous through faith” following circumcision. Although already declared righteous as the following paragraph reveals, it is through his faith and continued obedience that he is again declared righteous.

Romans.4. Abramham had already been declared righteous when he was uncircumcised, practically he was then a Gentile, Gen.15:6, some 14 years later at 99 years of age he is circumcised Gen.17:23-27. IT WAS A SIGN AND A SEAL, Rom.4:11. The SIGN was in the form of physical evidence he belonged to God and was in a covenant relationship with Him, the promises The Lord had given to Abraham and their fulfilment was the SEAL. Circumcision did not add to Abraham’s salvation it was a witness to it.

At conversion to Christ believers are, SEALED by the Holy Spirit Eph.1:13-14, and 2.Cor.1:21-22. They have experienced a spiritual circumcision of the heart, through faith in Christ not cutting of the flesh.Col.2:9-12. It is through faith in Christ and identification with Him in His physical death, burial and resurrection, believers are accounted as being spiritually dead, buried and resurrected with Christ, that the Holy Spirit SEALS a believer into a covenant relationship with God, simultaneously placing them into the Body of Christ the Church. 1.Cor.12:18. “He has placed each one of us into the Body of Christ (the church) has it has pleased Him (God)

Romans.8:16. The inner witness of the Holy Spirit to our spirit gives us the assurance that by faith in Christ we are also SEALED into a New Covenant relationship with God, and according to the Word of God Romans.8:1-14, we receive the necessary SIGN that we are to walk within the promises of His Word.

John.20:19-22. This took place in the evening of the first day after Jesus had risen from the grave. This is the first time that the disciples really believed that God had raised Jesus from the dead. Also it is important to note that Christ had to have been raised into resurrection life, He had to be the “first-fruits” to rise from the dead, 1.Cor.15:20-23, until this had taken place no one could be born-again of the Spirit, John.3:3 & 5,Jesus, literally was being born-again this time now into resurrection life. Additionally we see through His resurrection the fulfilment of John.12:20-28, v.24, in this verse Jesus reveals the great principle that it is through His death, burial and resurrection, that will provide the means for mankind’s salvation. In this same passage Jesus emphasizes that all the glory will be God’s not His, v23 and 28.

What actually took place with the disciples when He breathed on them saying “Receive the Holy Spirit” or the Holy breath of God? To understand what is happening refer to Genesis.2:7, when Adam was created he became a living soul as God breathed into him THE BREATH OF LIFE. Likewise the disciples are entering into New Testament salvation, becoming a new creation in Christ, through and by the resurrection, the “breath of life” given to them by Jesus.

“The Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being” (or a living soul ) Job.33:4”The Spirit of God has made me, the breath of the Almighty gives me life” niv. John.20:18-22, is also is describing what Paul later wrote in 2.Cor.5:17. “If anyone is in Christ, they are a new creation old things are passed away and all things have become new” Practically this means whosoever accepts Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour through faith, are literally re-created and given a completely fresh start to their new life in Christ.

It is clear from the word, that John.20:19-22, is a picture of the SEALING of the disciples by the Holy Spirit at their salvation in N.T terms of conversion and regeneration. And is the first step towards receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit or Infilling of the Spirit. In John.7:37-39, Jesus had spoken about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, however, in v39, He clearly states that the Spirit could not be given until after He had been glorified, which speaks not only of His resurrection, but also refers to His Ascension and His Glorification to His Father’s right hand in Heaven. It is after this latter event that the Holy Spirit is given to Jesus to pour out upon the waiting disciples. Acts.2:32-33. Joel.2:28-29.

  1. FILLED – The Baptism/infilling of the Holy Spirit

This took place 50 days later during the Feast of Pentecost, exactly as the Lord God spoke through the prophet Joel.2:28-29, and Jesus had promised to the disciples following His resurrection Luke.24:49, Acts.1:5 & 8.

There is an immediate effect that can be clearly seen. First the disciples began to speak in other Tongues a sihn both to themsleves and to any onlookers. Paul in 1.Cor.13:1, says that he spoke in both the tongues of known languages and also in the unknown tongues of Angels. It is possible that these disciples could have spoken in both the known or human languages and also the unknown ones of heaven. There is nothing to indicate in scripture to say the tongue speaking was only in known languages, it could have been both! However many people from various countries heard the disciples glorifying God in their own languages.Acts.2:5-12.Which the context indicates was a language unknown to the speaker, but known to the hearer.

Why tongues? An answer is found in James.3:3-12, reveals that the Holy Spirit can take control of the most unruly member of our bodies, the tongue. Also reveals the disciples were submissive in giving control of their tongue to the Holy Spirit. This may also indicate why some believers have difficulty in receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, because in their human understanding or interlect they find it difficult to surrender the tongue, asking themselves “why should I allow the Spirit to take control of my tongue and speech”? Then immediately the mind,humanistic or natural thinking becomes a barrier to reception of the Holy Spirit.

A further reason that Holy Spirit Baptism is clearly a separate experience is that the experience will be accompanied by speaking in Tongues giving a clear SIGN by confirming that believers have been previously SEALED by the Holy Spirit at conversion. Simultaneously following Holy Spirit baptism we are empowered by the Spirit with a potential ability to walk in victory, and to become a powerful witness of new life in Christ.

In Acts.4, and following Peter and John’s examination before the Sanhedrin Council, and were commanded not to speak or teach about Jesus. They return to the other disciples and in v.29-31, ask for more power and authority, all the disciples present including the Apostles experience a new fresh INFILLING of the Holy Spirit. This clearly indicates that believers need to be repeatedly FILLED again and again. Ephesian.5:18c “But be filled with the SpiritThe verb “filled” is in the present tense, literally meaning “keep on being, being filled” Unfortunately we have the tendency to leak and constantly need to be refilled with the Holy Spirit. Refer to end note.

To briefly explain Eph.5:18, where Paul says “Do not be drunk with wine wherein is excess, but be filled with the Holy Spirit” Paul is probably describing the infilling of the Holy Spirit may be compared in some instances to the outward visible effect upon someone who has had too much to drink. He is saying that the effect upon a believer being filled with the Holy Spirit should also be equally noticeable, the anointing should not be hidden but be both clearly seen and heard, as the Holy Spirit takes control of that person’s life in Christ. The transforming power of the Spirit must be visibly seen, 2.Cor.3:18.

Acts.4:13, during examination by the Sanhedrin, it was clearly evident that the Apostles had been with Jesus, the IN-FILLING and anointing of the Holy Spirit, their new found authority and boldness could be seen and heard by all present. The unsaved people of the world are effectively today’s Sanhedrin Council, judging and criticizing the church and believers that is why Christians also need to be filled and full of the Holy Spirit so the unsaved may also say, “we can see these man and women have been with Jesus”

  1. FULL.

There are a number of instances in the N.T, where various believers are named as being full of the Holy Spirit. In Acts.6:6:1-7, v.3. Qualification for deaconship, was that every candidate should be recognised by the church body as being “FULL of the Holy Spirit and wisdom” Acts.6:8. Stephen one of the first deacons is described as being FULL of God’s grace and power, did great wonders and signs among the peopleand as he is about to die by stoning Acts.7:54-60, “But Stephen FULL of the Holy Spirit, gazed into Heaven and saw the Glory of God and Jesus standing at the right hand of God, and said, “Look! I see the Heavens opened and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God”. Shortly after he is able to say, “Lord do not charge them with this sin”. It is notable that Stephen being FULL of and through the power of the Holy Spirit was able be used by the Lord “IN GREAT WONDERS AND SIGNS” plus as he is about to be stoned to death is able to look  through the heavens, and see Jesus standing at the right hand of God. Psalm110:1, Mark.16:19 and Ephesians.1:20, all say Jesus was seated at the right hand of God,with this exception that He stood to receive Stephen the first christian martyr. See additional comment regarding Stephen’s death in the Ministry end notes.

Peter and John Acts.3, not only display the power of the Holy Spirit in the lame mans healing, they also show compassion by responding to his appeal for help, but not in the manner he had expected.

Therefore it is possible to see that to be “FULL” of the Holy Spirit, requires a combination of both the anointing, plus “Gifts of the Spirit” 1.Cor.12:5-11 and also the “Fruit of the Holy Spirit” Galations.5:22-23. That is the evidence of a balanced life in Christ.

These days there are many Christians who are “SEALED” some who are “FILLED” few who are “FULL” of the Holy Spirit.

Concerning being FULL OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, it is not necessary to look beyond the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ, who throughout his earthly ministry revealed the FULNESS OF THE Spirit in everything He said and did.

Ephesians.4:11-16, describes the purpose of the ‘Gift Ministries of the Ascended Christ” in that they are designed by Christ to minister to the church the body of Christ, to EQUIP the believers to do the WORK OF THE MINISTRY, establish UNITY (Psalm.133:1-3), increase KNOWLEDGE of CHRIST, to bring disciples into MATURITY, and the church, every believer to the WHOLE MEASURE OF THE FULNESS OF CHRIST. This literally means that when ALL BODY OF CHRIST, THE CHURCH, IS REACHING MATURITY IT IS THEN THE FULL IMPACT OF THE LIVING CHRIST CAN BE SEEN AND EXPERIENCED THROUGH THE CHURCH.

This letter is written to a LOCAL CHURCH AT EPHESUS, therefore it is obvious that Paul writing under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, is teaching that it is both expected and possible for a local congregation to manifest the FULNESS OF CHRIST in the area in which it is located.

End notes.

Psalm.23:5b. “You anoint my head with oil” David having been a shepherd is fully aware sheep are constantly attacked by numerous flies, who seek to lay their eggs in the sheep’s nostrils or in their hair, this can result in the sheep becoming deranged or die unless these flies are prevented from laying their eggs. The shepherd would regularly anoint the head of the sheep in his care with an oil compound which prevented flies from laying their eggs. David draws a parallel between this practise and the Shepherd ministry of the Lord, telling us that we also need to be regularly anointed with the Oil of the Holy Spirit to keep the enemy at bay. Our enemy the devil will if given the opportunity lay his seed of mistrust, doubt, fear or lust in our ears and consequently into our minds, unless we also submit to regular anointing of the Holy Spirit.


(Abbreviated for ministry purposes)

Sealed! – Filled! and Full of the Holy Spirit!Pt.1.

The purpose of these Bible Studies is to further explain the three levels of experience of the Holy Spirit that are available to every born-again Christian. The first is being SEALED by the Holy Spirit this automatically takes place the moment we are truly re-born into the Kingdom of God, the second is a desire to be FILLED, the third experience to be FULL is dependent upon the believer’s desire and willingness to move on from being FILLED into the FULLNESS of the Holy Spirit..


Introduction:- 2.Peter.3:18. Peter’s final words to believers to keep on growing in the Lo

v.18a. “Grow in grace” – Romans.5:1-2. In the favour of God with which He has blessed and provided for us – This has much to do with developing Christian character in all areas of life and ministry.

v.18b. “Grow in knowledge of Christ” Eph.1:17-18.

The emphasis is upon “grace and knowledge” together they bring about a balanced Christian life. To achieve this balance the ministry of the Holy Spirit is necessary in our lives.

Peter is at times unpredictable his walk with the Lord, the positive will be followed by the negative. Towards the end of Jesus physical life on the earth, Peter is ready to die with Him, and as prophesied shortly after deny Him three times, a little later on Peter is restored by Jesus, John.21. To become the leader Christ had seen in him.

Acts.2:1-4. After Peter is filled with the Holy Spirit he became a changed man, moving in the anointing of the Holy Spirit. On many occasions the fullness of the Holy Spirit can be seen in him, Acts.3 & 4, yet he occasionally reverts back to his old nature. For instance in regard to food, Galations.2:11-21, where he is is rebuked by Paul for compromising his faith so not to offend any Jew. Another example is Acts.10:1-48, in this passage the Holy Spirit has to minister to Peter in a vision (trance) prior to him going to minister to Cornelius and other Gentiles. It is by means of the Holy Spirit revelation that Peter is able to overcome, his inbuilt prejudice as a Jew towards Gentiles. Amazingly it is by using a vision of non-kosher food that Peter is taught and convinced that God has no favourites, no culture in Christ other than all believers are citizens of the Kingdom of God. v.34 & John.3:16.

v.18c. The result of spiritual growth is:- “God is glorified in our lives”. This can and will equally apply to a church willing to grow in “GRACE AND KNOWLEDGE” of our Saviour Jesus Christ the Lord by allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and direct its activities.


The three important stages for a believer in regard to the Holy Spirit

  1. “Sealed” Ephesians.1:13-14 & 2.Cor.1:21-22

Sealed – This occurs at conversion to Christ. The believer is marked with the seal of ownership by the Holy Spirit who has been instrumental in leading the person to Christ.

1.Cor.6:20 “You were bought with a price”     1.Cor.7:23

  1. Filled – with the Holy SpiritActs.1:8, 2:1-4, 10:44-48 & 19:1-7

This describes the initial infilling of the Holy Spirit including the Apostles.

John.20:21-22. Describes the occasion on Christ’s resurrection day when they were being born again. John.3:3 & 5. n.b. No one could be born again prior to the resurrection of Christ, He is the first fruits, 1.Cor.15:20-23, Col.1:15 & 18.

  1. “Full – of the Holy Spirit” Acts.6:1-7, v3. Qualifications for Deaconship, they had to be “known to be full of the Spirit and wisdom” Stephen is singled out in v.5. as being “full of faith and the Holy Spirit”.

Characteristics of the Fullness of the Holy Spirit

Acts.6:8. Now Stephen, a man full of God’s grace and power, did great wonders and signs among the people”

Acts.7:54-60, v55-56 “But Stephen, full of the Holy Spirit looked up to heaven and saw the glory of God and Jesus standing at the right hand of God” “Look,” he said, “I see heaven open and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God.”

Stephen – Marked by being – Full of the Holy Spirit! Wisdom! Faith! Grace! Power! Performs miraculous wonders and signs! Receives revelation! Boldness in adversity! Plus the Fruit of forgiveness!

Acts.8:4-13 Phillip – Used in the miraculous by the H.S. Acts.8:26-40. Led to the Eunuch – Ministers Christ, baptizes him. Taken in the Holy Spirit to Azotus, then to Caesurea.

Acts.11:19-26. Barnabus – v.24. Full of the Holy Spirit – Mentors Paul. Combination of the Gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Conc:- Ephesians.4:11-16 v.13. Purpose of the Gift Ministries is to mature the church

  1. Unity in faith
  2. Knowledge of the Son of God
  3. Maturity
  4. Whole measure of the Fullness of Christ.

Fullness of Christ surely must include both the gifts 1.Cor.12:4-11 and fruit Gal.5:22-23, of the Holy Spirit, resulting in a completeness and balance. This is where 1.Peter3:18 to “grow in grace and knowledge of Christ” is so important.

What is very obvious from the teaching of Paul, 1.Corinthians chapters 12 and 14, is that the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are distributed amongst the believers as the Spirit wills 1.Cor.12:7-11. Not everyone has the same gift/s, this is why it is necessary that we should all seek to be used in whatever way the Holy Spirit wishes to use us, complimenting each other’s ministry so that the Fullness of the Holy Spirit can be seen in the Body of Christ the church.


Sealed! Filled! and Full of the Holy Spirit! Pt.2

Introduction. Romans.8:15-17.

   Sealed with the Spirit of Promise.   Ephesians.1:13-14.     2.Cor.1:21-22

v.13.    a.  A Finished transaction.

  1. A Mark of ownership – Illustrate – Cut timber marked with owners seal – floated down river to Ephesus.
  2. Security. i. Daniel – Lions Den – Sealed Daniel.6:17
  3. Christ’s tomb – Stone also sealed. Matt.27:17.

iii.        Mark of authenticity/identity – sealed documents.

v.14.    Holy Spirit guarantees our future INHERITANCE. 1.Peter.1:3-5.

Eph.4:25-32 v.30 “Do not grieve the Holy Spirit” Lit: To bring                             sorrow to!

v.25. Lying! v.26-27. Anger! v.28. Stealing! v.29. Corrupt speech! v.31.                                                 Bitterness!

  1. 2.      Filled with the Holy SpiritPurpose – Effectiveness in the “Kingdom                    of God”

How to deal with the devil on his territory!

  1. Luke.24:49. & Acts.1:8 “To be clothed with power(ability)” Become a                            witness.
  2. b. Luke.4:1-14. Victory over devil’s temptation to weaken, destroy
  3. He makes suggestions satisfy the flesh.
  4. He distorts the Word of God.
  5. Romans.8:26-27. Prayer life becomes more effective
  6. 3.   Full of the Holy Spirit. – An effective, Powerful Ministry

To be Filled and Full = Combination of the Gifts and Fruit of the Holy                     Spirit

Both these attributes are seen in the ministry of Jesus.


Acts.3:1-10 Lame man healed – We see the FULNESS OF THE SPIRIT at work in disciple’s ministry – COMPASSION FOR THE MAN – POWER OF HOLY SPIRIT TO HEAL. Question – How many times had they walked past this man, when going into the Temple to worship.

Sealed – Filled and Full of the Holy Spirit. Pt.3.

(The Fullness of the Holy Spirit)

Intro:-Col.1:15-20. v.19 “For God was pleased to have all His fullness dwell in Him

Col.2:9-10. v9.”For in Christ all the FULLNESS of Deity lives in bodily form

Fullness Gk = Pleroma = The total sum of all that God is. All of His being and attributes.

1.John.1:14 & 17 Jesus came “FULL OF GRACE AND TRUTH” John.14:6. “The Way and the Truth and the Life“

JOHN.1:29-34. v.33.The Spirit came down and remained on Him

n.b. This marked the difference between Jesus and the O/T Prophets, with them the Holy Spirit would come upon them temporarily and then depart.

John.3:34-35. v.34. Jesus Given the Spirit without limit – Yet He must go through same process of receiving and testing as we do Luke.3:21-22 & 4:1-14. Hebrews.2:18 & 4:15. Tempted in all areas as we are, yet overcame to become our Great High Priest.

Why? Because Satan immediately and continually will try to stop the FULLNESS OF CHRIST – Becoming available to all in this world – Initially through Christ and now by the ministry of the CHURCH – HIS BODY. As Jesus set the example we also need to overcome and defeat the devil and his schemes by faith! 1.John.5:4-5.

2.Eph.3:1-11. v.4 Paul is saying he was given revelation of the manifold(varied) wisdom of

God, that through Christ and to the church this hidden secret was given, to declare to heavenly forces or powers that in Christ Jew and Gentile can be brought together in unity as one church. This teaches that there is no place for any other culture or so-called class differences in the church and that all are required to submit to the Lordship and Headship of Jesus Christ.

3.Eph.4:11-16. The Five-fold ministry gifts of the Ascended Christ to the church.

1.Cor.12:12-31. Romans.12:3 The Church is comprised of ONE BODY, with many different parts and ministries designed to complement each other.

Eph.4:11-16. Defines the purposes of the Lord more clearly:-

v.11.Why 5-Types of ministry? It is impossible for any one person to have all. The only exclusion to this is Jesus Himself – He is all things to all men. Ex.3:14.”I am”

v.12. To prepare God’s people for works of service, by teaching the word of God.

v.13.   a. Until we ALL reach unity in the faith. Ps 133:3

  1. And in the Knowledge of the Son of God.
  2. And become mature (nkj. to a perfect man) – Division criticism is signs of disunity.
  3. Attaining (growing) to the whole measure of the FULLNESS OF CHRIST!

v.14. Then we will no longer be deceived by teachers of false doctrine etc.

v.15. Instead speaking the TRUTH IN LOVE = GOD’S WORD, GROW UP IN HIM WHO IS THE HEAD, THAT IS CHRIST. Lit:- The body of Christ becomes subject to its Head Christ Jesus in all things.


Obviously none of the above is possible if the Holy Spirit in not working in the life of the CHURCH, plus in and through each member of the church.

There is tremendous power in UNITY. PSALM.133. Equally important is to realise that the Holy Spirit wants everyone to move into the Fullness of the Spirit, by functioning within their particular area of giftedness which will enable us as the Body of Christ to experience the FULLNESS OF CHRIST.

Jesus goes out into the Wilderness, FILLED with the Holy Spirit, returns following victory over Satan, in the POWER or FULL of the Spirit, Luke.4:1 & 14, it is this that enables Jesus to minister throughout His earthly ministry in HIS FULLNESS.John.3:31-36, v34.

Conclusion.  How can we explain the difference between being “filled” and being “full” of the Holy Spirit, I believe the answer is very simple:-



What is the “Anointing”? It enables the flesh to achieve more for the Lord. The anointing is not to glorify or exalt the believer the sole purpose is to bring glory to the Lord.

What is the purpose of experiencing the “Glory” It humbles us in the sight of Almighty God.



The murder of Stephen is effectively the final straw in the circumstances that will shortly fall upon Israel. His death is the third time Israel have rejected a move of God that will bring condemnation upon them, fulfilled in AD.70.

1.Matthew.14:1-2. The execution of John the Baptist, God’s messenger the for-runner or herald of Israel’s Messiah. John:1:6. Cutting off his head to silence his voice, as he proclaimed the Word of God.

2.The cruxifixion of Christ, organised by ungodly men, yet in accordance with the will and purposes of God. John.1:1-5 & 11. Killed the living word, only to see him rise again on the third day from the dead.

  1. The murder of Stephen Acts.6:10-7:60, culminates in Israels rejection of the Holy Spirit.

These three murders were organised and carried out by man, their purpose was to silence God’s word, to keep the “status quo” allowing them to carry on with a dead form of religion.


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