Married Couples Ministry

For the Married

The vision of the Cornerstone Family Church Married Couples Ministry is extracted from the book of Joshua, chapter 24, verse 15;
which says; “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”. These words made a difference in the lives of the children of Israel.
As a leader Joshua stood firm and set example. That is what the ministry is all about making a difference and standing up for the good
principle.Am I my brother’s keeper?”
The ministry seeks to bring back the fear of God in marriages and families. Psalm 127, verse 1, says; “Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labour in vain”. The house that is built by the Lord stands the tests of time. The ministry tries hard to instil the fundamentals of marriage which include; UNITY, PRAYER, LOVE & TOLERANCE. Unity revives communication, trust, togetherness, brings back confidence, happiness, satisfaction. Without Unity the married people cannot agree in prayer. In Psalm 133:1-3 the Lord tells us how pleasant unto Him when people live in unity, that He bestows blessing.

The ministry has different activities which are relevant to the lives of married couples in the modern day. Our activities include; outdoor fellowship gatherings, home visits, group discussions, group prayers, follow up and evangelism, fun and games and the most appreciated bi-annual “Couples Revival” famously known as “Couples Retreat”. These activities are specially designed to meet the needs and burdens of the married people in the modern day. Amen