Go up the mountain and get closer to God

Matthew 14;23
And after he had dismissed the crowds, he went up on the mountain by himself to pray. When evening came, he was there alone,
-Thank God the holidays are here, the festive season and all the festivities have arrived.
-It is time to celebrate and enjoy with family, friends and those close and dear to us.
-Old and young shall be among us, surround us and around us. We shall all be around tables partaking in the most.
– All shall be in plenty, and lack shall be a foreigner.
-May you however find time this festive season and leave the crowds, take a moment and get closer to your God.
GO UP that mountain of PRAYER by yourself, if only to THANK GOD for those surrounding you, for the year current, for provision and protection.
GO UP to tell God how happy, grateful and appreciative you are for all He has done, all He does and yet to Do.
GO UP to ask for self-control, discernment and resolute focus to Him first no matter what.
-GO UP and ask for strength and power, and so secure next year’s victories in the name of Jesus the Christ!
-Once or twice even three times leave the crowd GO UP and talk to your God
PRAYER: Thank you Lord for the time alone in the mountain for there all that is mine is begot, thank you Lord for the mountain time experience for there all given to me is secured. Amen

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